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About Us
Taizhou Funengda Industry Co.,Ltd Located at Zhejing Taizhou economic development zone.
More than 30 years,through advanced technology and sincere cooperation,FND has grown as the key enterprises of food machinery,packaging equipment industry,covers area of 40000 square meters and having fixed Assets more than twenty billion.
more and more food enterprise enjoy faster,more flexible,more efficient production from FND.Through continuous plant expansion,staff increase,equiped advanced CNC machining equipment,FND now possess an outstanding executive ...

Products Keyword
Pillow Type Packaging Machine Pillow Wrapper Candy Packaging Machinery
Single-Twist Candy Packaging Machine Candy Depositing Line Candy Processing Production Line
Vacuum film candy pouring production line Multifunction Chocolate Wrapper Chocolate Packaging Machine
Chocolate Packing Machine Candy Pouring Production Line Aluminum foil wrapping machine
soft jelly production line soft candy production line carrageenan soft jelly production line
Automatic Chocolate Alignment&Flow Wrapping Line Automatic Flow Packaging Machine Automatic Turntable Feeding Flow Wrapping
Automatic Wrapping Solution Automatic Aseptic Brick Filling Machine Straw Sticker
Nougat Bar Production Line Complete Candy Bar Production Line Double-twist Candy Packing Machine Without Servo
Double Twist Soft Jelly Wrapping Machine & aligner Double Twist Chocolate Wrapping Machine & aligner Multifunctional Automatic Flow Packing Machine
Multifunctional servo pillow wrapper Foil Wrapping Machine Automatic Candy Bar Bonding Production Line
Candy Bar Bonding Production Line Toffee Candy Depositing Line Double-twist candy packing machine
Candy Packing Machine Flow wrapping machine Pillow type packing machine
Multifuction servo pillow wrapper Candy Packaging Machine Double Twist candy packing machine
Single Twist Chocolate Packing Machine Packing Machine Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine
Chocolate Wrapping Machine Fold Wrapping Machine Chocolate Bunch Wrapping Machine
Bunch Wrapping Machine Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

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